the website is under construction Looking for bedroom, sofa or something to be used as both? If you are looking for a bedroom set, only bed, sofa or something in between for a more constraing space - you will find different designs and solutions in our portfolio of products. Just click on the pictures of our catalogues in order to review them. For more information, please fell free to contact us. Ergodesign is premium line bedroom sets and sofas. Exceptional design and quality at attractive price. Numerous options and decors to choose from. You can find the price list below. Ergodesign - price list - click on picture to the left. MOB is a collection of moderately designed bedroom sets with exceptional quality and low price. Prices are included in the catalogue. Get inspired, live comfortably The perfect design gives inspiration, but in combination with quality and funciton gives comfort and satisfaction. All listed prices are valid for delivery to a partner of Ergostil Ltd. and do not include delivery and installation on site at appartments and houses.